Leaving a trail where there was no path

The University of San Andrés in Argentina reached Awkbit to build their online presence. It started with developing a landing page and a responsive website and kept on growing to have a commerce platform developed.

Hit the road

Awkbit worked for the University of San Andrés to build an online presence for this academic institution and developed the front and back end of their website.

The university needed a site to share their academic opportunities and related information. To accomplish this, the development team worked with Drupal CMS and implemented DevOps and a CI pipeline that would streamline content updates and deployments.

Awkbit built everything from scratch and, thanks to its efforts, the University of San Andrés gained a presence on the map and was able to reach a wider range of potential students.

  • awsAWS
  • Drupal 8Drupal 8
  • KubernetesKubernetes
  • rancherRancher


  1. Gain an online presence.
  2. Build a responsive and easy-to-navigate website.
  3. The entire development of the back and front end.
  4. Content and design integration.
  5. Set up DevOps and a Continuous Integration pipeline.


This journey began with baby steps. In the first stage, our team developed a landing page for the university. Just after that, it became clear that we needed to create an entire website that could display all the degrees and educational programs. Our developers worked with Drupal to build a well-grounded back end. To streamline the processes, Awkbit implemented DevOps and used Kubernetes clusters with Rancher to orchestrate and automate deployments. Finally, as the cherry on top, Awkbit implemented all social media integrations.


The development team at Awkbit successfully delivered an out-and-out site that met all the university’s initial requirements. Not only did the final product present the programs and institutional details, but it also had a time-saving pipeline that was manageable for the administrators. At the end of the day, the University of San Andrés finally had an online presence and became more appealing for a number of teachers or students-to-be.

The student’s journey

After getting a solid online presence, the University of San Andrés asked Awkbit to develop a commerce platform that offered their postgrads, classes, and other services such as booking and paying for the university’s transport services and parking space.

For this occasion, Awkbit cherry-picked a set of tools that could fulfill the institution’s requirements in the best possible way.

  • decidirDecidir
  • google_mapsGoogle Maps


  1. Build a commerce platform that offers postgrads and online classes.
  2. Implement an app in which students reserve a parking space in the university.
  3. Create a system for the students to book the university’s bus service.
  4. Integrate Google Maps to the website.


For this second phase, our team decided to develop the commerce platform with MySQL as the relational database management system and Decidir as the payment channel. By doing this, the users could enroll in any course or service just by using their credit cards. Also, last but not least, our developers integrated the site to Google Maps, a well-known and always essential application that enabled the students and teachers to easily find the campus.


With this commerce platform and integration to Google Maps, Awkbit opened new horizons for the University of San Andrés. Now their current alumni can find both their campus and the means to get there seamlessly. Also, by including their online courses and postgrads with a trouble-free payment, they could start enrolling students from different and even remote locations.

At Awkbit, we were happy and proud to see this gradual progress from starting a digital presence from scratch to achieving a more comprehensive and complex project like the commerce platform.