Building for the front page

Awkbit worked for the University of British Columbia in Vancouver to implement their website redesign and create a flawless user interface that would enhance both the students and teachers’ academic experience.

Navigating knowledge

Nowadays, it is a must for every university to have a responsive and well-designed interface both for students and teachers. For this reason, the University of British Columbia reached Awkbit to implement an accessible user interface for their virtual campus.

The main goal of this project was to design a website that could suit everyone’s needs: the students, teachers, and other users involved. First, it meant that it was necessary to implement a user interface that could organize all the information strategically. But, most importantly, there should be a special focus on developing a smooth user experience.

Thanks to this approach, Awkbit was able to deliver a product that enabled all parties to navigate the campus seamlessly.

  • cssCSS
  • JavascriptJavaScript


  1. Build a responsive UI to serve both teachers and students.
  2. Translate the initial design into an accessible website.


In the beginning, Awkbit received a Photoshop file from the university with the desired design and translated it into code. To achieve all the objectives, our team worked with the frontend “holy triad”: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These universal tools gave the perfect structure and allowed us to build a tailor-made and interactive website.


Thanks to the given model, our development team was able to transform the online campus of the University of British Columbia into an accessible and responsive website. We tackled the objectives and successfully delivered a well-designed user interface, enhancing the user experience as well.