Blending a physical and digital experience

Awkbit teamed up with R/GA to design and deliver a blended digital and physical experience that integrates and coordinates many moving parts to serve a business in the distilling industry.

Aged oak with a scent of code

Awkbit and R/GA worked together once again with the purpose of providing an integrated solution to serve an American whisky distillery.

Our developers provided seamless integration between the physical and the digital experience. This involved setting up multiple marketing applications, third-party providers, and Continuous Integration for software development and maintenance to present an organized and efficient end product.

Even though the team had to work with existing parts, the entire development of the back and the front end was necessary, so Awkbit had to provide sound foundations to present a scalable and versatile solution.

  • Amazon CognitoAmazon Cognito
  • AnyRoadAnyRoad
  • Drupal 8Drupal 8
  • GatsbyGatsby
  • GraphQLGraphQL
  • ReactReact
  • SalesForceSalesForce


  1. Seamless integration between the digital and the physical experience.
  2. Applications, webs, and third-party providers integration.
  3. The entire development of the back and the front end.


Our team started with a solid Drupal framework to provide the whole backend architecture. On top of that, Gatsby was the frontend technology of choice to build a blazing-fast microsite.

Once those foundations were solid, we set out to integrate the many moving parts and third-party services required, both digital and physical. That is why we also provided technical consulting to lay a proper Continuous Integration pipeline.

Awkbit delivered integrations with AnyRoad, an external service to handle registrations and tours; the CRM giant SalesForce; and Amazon Cognito, an app used for user management.

Additionally, a digital quiz and QR code integration allowed us to mix the in-house tours with an extensive encyclopedia page that helps customers make the best custom choices when making a purchase. That’s how a new product was born.

R/GA also requested full control of their servers, a Continuous Integration pipeline, and DevOps. So Awkbit provided R/GA's internal development team with technical consulting and mentoring, granting them the autonomy and independence necessary to keep operations up and running by themselves.


Awkbit successfully delivered all of R/GA's requirements, from blending the physical experience with its digital counterpart to integrating all the moving parts throughout their virtual workplace.

Development started from scratch, which let us provide R/GA all the customization and personalization requested. What's more, the solutions provided in this project are meant to be repurposed in the future for other branches and experiences of the same distilling brand.

At Awkbit, we believe that versatility and scalability are the way to go from the starting point.