An all-around technical consulting

Awkbit provided an all-around technical consulting to R/GA with an eye toward implementing new technologies to serve a business in the medical equipment industry that had significantly lost market share.

A hawk's-eye view: looking for pain points

Without writing a single line of code, Awkbit presented a comprehensive report of the business needs, which included backend and frontend solutions, analytics, design, and marketing recommendations to restore their digital presence.

Our development team supplied comprehensive technical and design consulting, providing backend and frontend solutions while introducing a new marketing strategy.

Thanks to general analysis and a hawk’s-eye view, the internal team at R/GA could leverage this strategy to make their development work seamless and speedy.

Pain points needed to be identified in order to be addressed. We can only solve the problems we know we have. This looking-for- trouble approach was necessary to pinpoint user frustrations and unfulfilled needs.

Awkbit cherry-picked this set of leading technologies to provide comprehensive technical consulting in favor of all the project's stakeholders.

  • AcquiaAcquia
  • Adobe AEMAdobe AEM
  • Adobe LaunchAdobe Launch
  • BrightcoveBrightcove
  • CloudflareCloudflare
  • Drupal 8Drupal 8
  • Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
  • Google Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager
  • OnTramOnTram
  • SolrSolr


  1. A comprehensive Drupal assessment to evaluate the implementation of new technologies.
  2. Technical consulting to assess the current functioning of the site and provide recommendations as to where to go next.
  3. Restore the client’s digital presence and enhance competitiveness.


Awkbit wanted to provide a detailed technical report with all the possible improvements to be implemented in the areas of:

  • New design integration.
  • Updates and refinements in content structuring and writing.
  • Audience expansion with regionalization.
  • Assessment of accessibility and ease of navigation for the site.
  • Implementation of automatic language translations for content pieces.
  • General site performance.
  • Possibility of reusing technologies between two of the client sites.
  • Update of CMS and overall website security.

While providing these services, there was no code writing involved. The service provided was a comprehensive technical audit. Adding to the more technical aspects, we did an entire user experience revision to identify pain points and possible user frustrations prompted by the site.


Once the audit was complete, every pain point and possible way to address it were already on the table for R/GA's internal development team to implement.

Thanks to Awkbit's detailed technical assessment and report, R/GA could produce a seamless site with robust architecture right in the heart of the medical equipment industry.

We are pleased when thriving businesses like R/GA consult with our software factory to up the bar of the entire development industry.

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