A window of opportunities

Awkbit provided Continuous Integration and Content Management System services to PopuliCom for the Ana G. Méndez University in Costa Rica, opening new opportunities for the institution across the globe.

Opening new horizons

Awkbit worked for the Ana G. Méndez University to help open new horizons in Costa Rica and abroad.

The educational institution required a navigable website both in English and Spanish and sought an effective search engine for users to look for academic programs or other relevant information. To achieve this, our development team worked with a Drupal-based CMS and implemented a CI pipeline to build a smooth-running website for the students, teachers, and other possible users.

According to UAGM’s needs, Awkbit delivered a responsive and revamped website ready for the upcoming semester.

  • AcquiaAcquia
  • drupal_9Drupal 9
  • SolrSolr


  1. Internationalization of the university’s website.
  2. Set up a Continuous Integration pipeline.
  3. Fix bugs and errors to improve the user experience.
  4. Build a responsive and easy-to-navigate website.


Awkbit worked with an existing Drupal 9 base to build a solid Content Management System using Acquia as its hosting solution. We also fixed some Drupal theming issues, improving the overall look and feel of the website. Furthermore, the team set up Solr to provide a search engine that could keep up with the university’s requirements and made the website responsive to be seen in all viewports. Finally, as the icing on the cake, we enabled the internationalization of the content.


At the end of this journey, the team delivered a responsive website with a restructured and energy-efficient Continuous Integration pipeline. Our developers improved an existing Drupal base and enhanced the user experience.

Awkbit successfully achieved all of UAGM’s needs and left a website ready to open its doors to new alumni across the globe.