UX/UI Design


November 9, 2021Fidel Chaves
The best practices and benefits of staff augmentation
There is a growing need for IT and software development services. Here, a series of best practices and benefits when engaging in staff augmentation. Learn all about them.
October 29, 2021Fidel Chaves
How to improve your marketing campaign landing pages with Layout Builder
Add flexibility and lead generation to your website by learning how to improve your marketing campaign landing pages with Layout Builder.
September 1, 2021Fidel Chaves
Top tech trends in commerce personalization
You might be aware that commerce personalization is among the top tech trends, let’s dive on what innovations can serve your business better.
August 18, 2021Fidel Chaves
Open-source tool kit for 2021: creators edition
Free and open-source software is quickly growing; get the best out of it as an artist with our essential open-source tool kit for 2021: creators edition.
August 3, 2021Fidel Chaves
The essential open-source tool kit for 2021
Today we bring you the essential open-source tool kit for surviving the technosphere in 2021. Communication, browser, audio, you name it.
June 3, 2021Fidel Chaves
UX writing, the best for emotional design
UX writing is about the reader and emotional design is the pillar of good UX writing. It’s easy, bad writing slaps you in the face, good writing goes unnoticed.
June 3, 2021Fidel Chaves
The mobile-first approach: a trend you can't ignore
The mobile-first approach implies that projects are born with the mobile version in mind from the get-go. The mobile version can work as a seed to grow different viewports as tablet and desktop, providing usability, functionality, and a consistent user experience.
June 3, 2021Fidel Chaves
Responsive vs. adaptive design: the best of versatile layouts
New devices are created daily, and no standardization assures a stable viewport. In the age of mobile, responsive design and adaptive design are a need for users, developers, and designers. Responsive vs. adaptive design: which will you choose?
May 28, 2021Fidel Chaves
What is SVG format: the best for UI design
Scalable Vector Graphics, or SVG, is a vector image format for 2D graphics that supports interactivity and animation. SVG images can be created and edited with drawing software or in any text editor. But why are they so important in UI design?
May 28, 2021Fidel Chaves
Why not create your 404 error page from a template
You have probably stumbled into many 404 pages during your time on the internet. Some good, some funny, many hideous. Here is why not create your 404 error page from a template.
May 28, 2021Fidel Chaves
Design process: being creative in service of communication
When working on the design process, being creative is in the service of communication and functionality. UX and UI showed how designing is more than knowing how to use a tool. It is putting creativity to work for usability and communication.
May 19, 2021Fidel Chaves
Usability heuristics: is Law of Proximity important?
The Law of Proximity states that objects that are close to each other tend to be grouped together. Proximity helps establish a connection between neighboring objects and facilitates a fast and efficient understating and organization of information.
May 19, 2021Fidel Chaves
Design thinking starts with empathy—what happens next?
Design thinking is a framework for innovation, a fundamental mindset, and a tool for simplicity and humanity. Even if the name is somewhat new, design thinking has been here for a long time, and it starts with empathy.
May 19, 2021Fidel Chaves
Prototype vs wireframe: what is the difference?
Wireframes and prototypes are often confused, but they play different roles in the design process. The main difference between them is the level of fidelity and functionality. Prototype vs. wireframe? Is it a dilemma?
May 14, 2021Fidel Chaves
Human-first design: the 4 goals of usability testing
Human first design implies a user-centered interaction design that relies on accomplishing the goals of usability testing. This method takes into account the usage and direct input of users on your system.
May 14, 2021Fidel Chaves
The best in UXUI design—What is Figma?
Figma is a cloud-based digital design and prototyping tool for your individual or collaborative projects. It is easy to use, does not require installation, and keeps versions up to date for your whole team.
May 14, 2021Fidel Chaves
User experience vs. user interface: can you tell them apart?
User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design are often confused. Both terms are often used interchangeably, but they refer to quite different roles. So, what is the difference between UX and UI?
May 7, 2021Fidel Chaves
How to embrace open source in design
Open source is growing exponentially in software development, but is it in design? The answer is not quite, at least not yet, but we are in the right direction for open source in design. Kind of.
May 7, 2021Fidel Chaves
Open source explained—what does it really mean?
Open source is a term created by a group of people in the free software movement. It was born after a critical examination of the political and moral connotations in the original: free software. But, what does it really mean?
April 28, 2021Fidel Chaves
Dark mode: an essential feature for apps in 2021
As a developer, you might be considering including Dark Mode as a feature. Here I present some things to keep in mind.