Technology trends for 2023

Buckle up! This upcoming year will bring many advantages, so get a jump start and know everything you need to know about what the future awaits.

Paulina Karadagian
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You don't need a crystal ball or a seance to know what 2023 beholds. Find yourself a comfortable spot, get your favorite drink and keep reading. This new year will bring enormous advancements in the tech field that will affect our daily lives.


I've compiled a quick list of the newest trends. Are you ready? Let's unfold the curtains of the future together!


AI will take over


Even though there were huge advances in AI, we will start to see a rise in its use in business and entertainment. Many businesses are using this technology. Through a series of algorithms, Stitch Fix recommends clothes based on the users' tastes and sizes. This will become more common than you think in 2023.


Autonomous and contactless shopping and delivery will be a trend for 2023. AI is already making it easier for customers to pay for and receive their services and goods, so we will see an increase in the use of this technology for different retailers.


Metaverse is coming


We will get deeper into the metaverse. Virtual and Augmented reality technology will keep growing. Some companies are already using these technologies for the training and onboarding of new hires. Accenture, for example, has created an environment with a replica of real-world offices, so the employees can carry out HR tasks without being required in a physical office.


Blockchain and Web3


NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will become more usable. They are already used as tickets for different events and will give you access to different backstage experiences and memorabilia.


Web3 is based on blockchain technology. This technology is just a way of storing data or running programs spread across multiple computers and can't be interfered with by anyone who isn't supposed to. Trust and safety are the keys.


Quantum computing


Traditional computing is almost at its limit regarding memory capacity and energy consumption. Quantum computing will empower AI development and the storage of millions of algorithms to processes related to data coding and the security of digital transactions. This way, financial predictions will be more precise.


Sustainable technology


This trend is not negotiable. We will continue to see a push toward making supply chains more transparent. Consumers demand the products and services they invest in are energy efficient and backed by more sustainable technology.


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