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February 9, 2023Paulina Karadagian

Our methodology

You've just won a backstage pass to Awkbit! Discover how we work to bring you a top-notch tech solution.

4 min read
December 18, 2022Paulina Karadagian

Guía rápida de React

Una guía técnica sobre React para no desarrolladores. Descubre cómo hacer que un sitio “viva”

4 min read
December 18, 2022Paulina Karadagian

React 101

A technical guide about React for non-devs. Discover how to make a site alive.

4 min read
December 7, 2022Paulina Karadagian

Tendencias tecnológicas que marcarán el 2023

¡Ajústate tu cinturón! El nuevo año nos traerá muchas novedades que aquí las resumimos para que pueda estar preparado y adelantarse a los sucesos. Aprende todo lo que necesitas saber acerca del futuro que nos espera.

3 min read
December 4, 2022Paulina Karadagian

¿Sabes los beneficios de React en tus Apps de negocios?

¡Descubre los 5 beneficios más importantes al implementar ReactJs para tu sitio web o apps de negocios!

3 min read
December 3, 2022Paulina Karadagian

Do you know the benefits of React for your business app?

Find out the top 5 benefits of implementing ReactJs for your business app or website!

3 min read
November 29, 2022Paulina Karadagian

Technology trends for 2023

Buckle up! This upcoming year will bring many advantages, so get a jump start and know everything you need to know about what the future awaits.

3 min read
November 21, 2022Paulina Karadagian

¿Por qué los decoupled websites son beneficiosos para tu negocio?

Aprende con nosotros leyendo éste artículo para descubrir los pro y las contras de los sitios web desacoplados y por qué deberías usarlos.

3 min read
November 21, 2022Paulina Karadagian

Do you know why decoupled websites are beneficial for your business?

Join us in this article to discover the pros of decoupled websites and why you should use them.

3 min read
November 4, 2022Paulina Karadagian

How do I get an MVP and what are its benefits?

Don’t waste your money because you skipped this crucial step for your idea. What can an MVP do for your project? How to implement it? Find it out!

3 min read
October 25, 2022Paulina Karadagian

Chatbots for everyone

Chatbots are the new black in IT fashion. Discover how to implement them and the benefits you get.

3 min read
October 18, 2022Paulina Karadagian

¿Por qué contratar una software factory?

Una guía práctica para saber qué es una software factory y por qué es esencial contratar una para desarrollar la plataforma digital de su universidad.

4 min read
June 14, 2022Paulina Karadagian

Why to hire a software factory

One handy guide to what a software factory is and why it's essential to hire one to develop your university's digital platform.

4 min read
April 29, 2022Fidel Chaves

The best and worst of no-code development

No-code development is approaching faster. Let’s see the best and worst of what’s growing on the technological horizon.

6 min read
April 5, 2022Fidel Chaves

How to find yourself a coding mentor

The development world can feel like a daunting world to enter. Let’s review how to find yourself a coding mentor to help you navigate it.

6 min read
January 27, 2022Fidel Chaves

Drag-and-drop for front end: an impossible goal?

A drag-and-drop solution is the ultimate front-end development mecca. What are the challenges and hurdles to overcome to get there? What is the current situation?

12 min read
January 12, 2022Fidel Chaves

Most popular JavaScript frameworks for 2022

The most popular JavaScript frameworks change year by year. Let’s review the latest JS trends for 2022.

6 min read
January 11, 2022Fidel Chaves

Frontend development with React: the basics

Frontend development has JavaScript libraries at its core, and React is one of the most popular.

5 min read
January 10, 2022Fidel Chaves

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Software as a Service (SaaS) has changed the software distribution paradigm and offers solid competitive advantages to companies. Learn why it is fundamental for digital transformation.

4 min read
December 23, 2021Fidel Chaves

How to master cloud security and migrations

New technologies are always a challenge. Learn here the basics on how to master cloud security and migrations.

9 min read
December 22, 2021Fidel Chaves

Cybersecurity: how to perform an audit

Cybersecurity is news once again. Let's review its basics and how to perform an audit so you can sleep safe and sound.

8 min read
December 16, 2021Fidel Chaves

Microservices vs. API: are these the same?

Microservices vs. APIs, are these different or the same thing? We will review how these two work together.

5 min read
December 14, 2021Fidel Chaves

Why is configuration management important?

Software configuration management is a fundamental process for maintaining consistency. Get the most out of it with Ansible.

7 min read
November 19, 2021Fidel Chaves

The Ultimate Guide to Software Development Management [2021]

You’ve stumbled across the ultimate guide to software development management, an evergreen guide to software development management created thanks to our experience as a software factory.

48 min read
November 11, 2021Fidel Chaves

Ahrefs: how to score 100% in tech SEO

We recently tackled technical SEO optimization using Ahrefs. Here is how we scored 100% in tech SEO.

10 min read
August 20, 2021Fidel Chaves

Open-source operating systems and code editors for 2021

Recently, we discussed the essential open-source tool kit for the average user and also for artists and creators. Now, it is time for operating systems and code editors.

9 min read
August 11, 2021Fidel Chaves

Iterative development: working with agile methodologies

Agile has mutated significantly since the publication of its manifesto. Today, how agile methodologies and iterative development veered away from traditional interpretation.

7 min read
August 3, 2021Fidel Chaves

The essential open-source tool kit for 2021

Today we bring you the essential open-source tool kit for surviving the technosphere in 2021. Communication, browser, audio, you name it.

11 min read
August 2, 2021Fidel Chaves

Frontend design: have you heard of Gatsby?

Gatsby has been gaining popularity in frontend design steadily since 2018. In 2021, with Gatsby v3.0 rolling, you might want to know the new kid in the block.

6 min read
July 29, 2021Fidel Chaves

Top tech trends in public cloud computing

Cloud computing is gaining momentum as the model behind the digital transformation and the rebuilding of many activities. In this scenario, what are the top tech trends in public cloud computing for 2021?

9 min read
July 26, 2021Fidel Chaves

Infrastructure: Why the cloud's future is hybrid

The cloud is a system that can store information and offers processing capabilities. Clouds can be public, private, or both. Let’s discuss the infrastructure of hybrid clouds.

9 min read
July 20, 2021Fidel Chaves

Automation and orchestration: a perfect match?

Automation and orchestration are often put in a versus situation, but that is not the best approach. Let’s find out how automation and orchestration work together.

10 min read
July 13, 2021Fidel Chaves

How to implement a resilient container strategy

A resilient container strategy needs scalability, reliability, reduced downtime, and automated processes. Learn how to do it with Docker and Kubernetes.

10 min read
July 12, 2021Fidel Chaves

Why software testing is important in CI/CD

Software testing has become a cornerstone of software development through CI/CD pipeline implementation and DevOps culture.

9 min read
July 8, 2021Fidel Chaves

What makes an outstanding CI/CD pipeline?

An outstanding CI/CD pipeline contains a few basic features: speed, reliability, automation, accuracy, and consistency. Learn how to get the most out of them.

10 min read
June 28, 2021Fidel Chaves

The best 10 open-source tools for DevOps automation

DevOps provides a revolutionary framework to develop software. Combined with open-source tools, it can be a powerful mix. Today: the best 10 open-source tools for DevOps automation.

10 min read
June 25, 2021Fidel Chaves

How to save valuable time with DevOps

There is no unique definition for the term DevOps, as it has many concepts associated with it. But our focus today is how to save valuable time with DevOps.

8 min read
May 7, 2021Fidel Chaves

How to embrace open source in design

Open source is growing exponentially in software development, but is it in design? The answer is not quite, at least not yet, but we are in the right direction for open source in design. Kind of.

8 min read
May 7, 2021Fidel Chaves

Open source explained—what does it really mean?

Open source is a term created by a group of people in the free software movement. It was born after a critical examination of the political and moral connotations in the original: free software. But, what does it really mean?

7 min read
May 7, 2021Fidel Chaves

Open source, a strong sense of community

If you’ve been out on the internet lately, you know that the term community is popping up everywhere. But can we talk about sense of community though?

5 min read
April 28, 2021Fidel Chaves

What's a software factory? A review in 3 parts

After Ford’s rolling machine and Le Corbusier’s living machine, industrialism arrives at software: the problem-solving machine. But what is a software factory?

6 min read