Google Cloud

July 29, 2021Fidel Chaves
Top tech trends in public cloud computing
Cloud computing is gaining momentum as the model behind the digital transformation and the rebuilding of many activities. In this scenario, what are the top tech trends in public cloud computing for 2021?
July 26, 2021Fidel Chaves
Infrastructure: Why the cloud's future is hybrid
The cloud is a system that can store information and offers processing capabilities. Clouds can be public, private, or both. Let’s discuss the infrastructure of hybrid clouds.
April 14, 2021Mariano Monroig
How to carry out secure cloud migrations
What to take into account before planning a migration. Key facts and strategies not to compromise your data.
April 12, 2021Luciano Fernández
What is SaaS and why it should be your company's best ally
This model, which changed the software distribution paradigm, offers solid competitive advantages to companies. Why it is key for the digital transformation.
March 30, 2021Luciano Fernández
Differences between backup and disaster recovery
Carrying out both actions can avoid losses in your business. Does your company have an adequate plan to preserve its information?
March 15, 2021Luciano Fernández
How to improve public cloud security
This is one major concern for IT professionals. It is a shared responsibility between the client and the service provider. What to pay attention to.
December 18, 2020Luciano Fernández
App development: 10 keys to launch a successful application
Developing a mobile application may mean hitting the ball out of the park for your company, but it may also a painstaking failure. What should an app offer to be successful? Here are the main tips for your mobile strategy.