October 15, 2021Fidel Chaves
Upcoming trends in open source for 2021
Take a look at the current state of the art and upcoming trends in open source for 2021.
July 8, 2021Fidel Chaves
What makes an outstanding CI/CD pipeline?
An outstanding CI/CD pipeline contains a few basic features: speed, reliability, automation, accuracy, and consistency. Learn how to get the most out of them.
June 28, 2021Fidel Chaves
The best 10 open-source tools for DevOps automation
DevOps provides a revolutionary framework to develop software. Combined with open-source tools, it can be a powerful mix. Today: the best 10 open-source tools for DevOps automation.
May 7, 2021Fidel Chaves
How to embrace open source in design
Open source is growing exponentially in software development, but is it in design? The answer is not quite, at least not yet, but we are in the right direction for open source in design. Kind of.