October 29, 2021Fidel Chaves
How to improve your marketing campaign landing pages with Layout Builder
Add flexibility and lead generation to your website by learning how to improve your marketing campaign landing pages with Layout Builder.
October 21, 2021Fidel Chaves
How to automate your team's workflow and content moderation
Today, content is king. Learn how to automate your team’s workflow and content moderation to provide the best for your site and community.
October 6, 2021Fidel Chaves
Headless CMS: 5 benefits of choosing Drupal
Drupal can integrate with multiple front ends to get a headless CMS. Let’s take a look at its benefits.
September 30, 2021Fidel Chaves
The best Drupal distributions in 2021
The best Drupal distributions can last only a moment. Today, we are looking at the best ones in 2021.
September 24, 2021Fidel Chaves
Drupal for LMS—pros and cons of the industry giant
Drupal for LMS stems right from the Drupal CMS strong foundations. Let’s see Drupal pros and cons as a learning management strategy.
September 17, 2021Fidel Chaves
Why to upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9
As the end of Drupal 7 and 8 is near, we are ready to discuss why to upgrade Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 now more than ever.
September 7, 2021Fidel Chaves
Commerce: hosting for the next Hot Sale
Having your hosting ready for the next Hot Sale on your commerce is no small feat. Learn here how it is done!
September 2, 2021Fidel Chaves
How to boost your commerce sales—the basics
When planning for a commerce store with a digital presence, you might want to consider the basics of how to boost sales.
September 1, 2021Fidel Chaves
Top tech trends in commerce personalization
You might be aware that commerce personalization is among the top tech trends, let’s dive on what innovations can serve your business better.
August 26, 2021Fidel Chaves
Drupal Commerce vs. Magento vs. Shopify
Triple commerce battle: Drupal Commerce vs. Magento vs. Shopify. How should you choose the best for your store?
June 28, 2021Fidel Chaves
The best 10 open-source tools for DevOps automation
DevOps provides a revolutionary framework to develop software. Combined with open-source tools, it can be a powerful mix. Today: the best 10 open-source tools for DevOps automation.
June 17, 2021Fidel Chaves
Top open-source learning management systems
A learning management system is a software program dedicated to education. Today we discuss the top open-source learning management systems.
June 15, 2021Fidel Chaves
Drupal vs. WordPress: pros and cons for 2021
Both Drupal and WordPress are free and open-source content management systems. They use PHP, a general-purpose scripting language, and use a similar module/plugin extension structure. Both present templates and a variety of uses. What are their pros and cons?
June 10, 2021Fidel Chaves
What does CMS mean, and why use Drupal?
What does CMS mean? Why use Drupal? These questions might be helpful if you are starting your own web project development. Let’s take a look at the invisible software behind numerous websites.