Do you know the benefits of React for your business app?

Find out the top 5 benefits of implementing ReactJs for your business app or website!

Paulina Karadagian
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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "React" means "to change in response to a stimulus." And they are right! When I stumble upon a website that blows my mind because of its performance, I "react" with a WOW!


Don't you want to wow your users with a great website or business app? You can do it using "React"! ReactJS is a framework developed by Facebook. In 2013, Jordan Walked - the creator - introduced React as open-source. And everything has changed since then...


What are the benefits of React?


I'm not going too technical since I consider my audience non-strictly devs, and they already know the benefits since they are coders. I want to focus on the company’s side. What does React do for your business's site or app? The benefits are extensive; however, I compiled a quick list so you can judge for yourself:


  • Scalability: For creating a large, interactive interface, React is the most scalable library for the front end. The library is optimized for performance. How? Because it has a Virtual DOM (Document Object Model). That makes React fast and perfect for apps.


  • Fast loading time: Low loading time and speed are essential for the best user experience of your app. Not only that, but it helps you with SEO because search engines favor quick loading time. Why does React reduce load time? Because it uses third-party plugins and uses compression modules to reduce memory usage.


  • Flexibility: Since React uses modules that can be reusable, you can always upgrade your app or site without writing a humongous chunk of code! This way, you can add more features in fewer steps and improve the performance.


  • Animation abilities: React is an excellent choice for animations like scrolling or transitions from one section to another.


  • SEO friendly: React is customizable for search engines. Besides, the server-side rendering and the pre-rendering allow the Google bot to crawl through the entire content, giving total visibility to your app or site. When you combine the rendering and the fast loading time, it results in better SEO.


React in a nutshell


What does a company look for in its app or site? The answer is easy:

  • Cost-efficient
  • SEO friendly
  • Excellent UI/UX
  • Quick Development
  • Scalability

No wonder Netflix, Paypal, and Airbnb - just to name a few - are using React for their platforms. If you are looking for the same answers they needed, let me tell you, my friend, that you just hit the jackpot *slots' siren sound and lights*. Our field of expertise includes React!


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