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Power up your university platform with Drupal and Machine Learning

Paulina Karadagian
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There are so many things to say about Machine Learning that I don't know where to start. I am truly bewildered by what it can do for everyday life. Whether you need text-to-speech or automatic alternative text for the images on your website to a personalized landing page depending on the user, Machine Learning and Drupal are an ideal match.


What is Machine Learning and why is it important?

Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence that allows applications to be more accurate in predicting outcomes without being programmed to do so. This happens because it is based on data learning rather than programming, so it learns from it.


With ML, you can reach your students, suggest a path for their careers, and many more. Let's get hands-on and enter this marvelous world.

Benefits for educational institutions


ML can suggest to the students which courses to take, how long they will take to finish, and how many extra credits are needed, depending on the grades and major.


It also helps the administrative staff. Did you know chatbots use ML? Based on the answers, it can guide the users through your website, take them to the right section, assist them with form completion, or even handle the whole enrollment process.


Website personalization happens when the site changes to suit the needs of the user, based on demographics, interests, or even previous visitors’ behavior.


You can also personalize the university newsletter content. When the website is personalized according to those items, the benefits are unimaginable:


  • Increases the time spent on your site, allowing you to convert prospective students.
  • Generates better CTAs and optimized landing pages.
  • Increases conversion rates and revenues.
  • Creates a better understanding of customers and their loyalty.
  • Gives relevant product recommendations based on their behavior.


This helps with your university's marketing. And there's even more! It helps your marketing team to understand user sentiment around a given topic and context, provides recommendations based on their recent interactions, and performs lead scoring (extremely helpful for conversion). And can generate SEO meta tags based on the content of each independent page.


Besides, if you have a blog for your academic institution, it can help you with grammar. Some apps and software do revise spelling, but those are paid apps. I'm talking about integration with your platform, so it not only works with spelling but with grammar, acting as a live curator of your content. And it can suggest new topics to write about based on trends or previous user experience. All for free!


How about managing your site through your voice? It is not sci-fi. Today it is possible to do it. Not only manage the site but allow your visitors to go fingerless, too, only with voice commands.


How about security?


I know security is a big concern, especially with the sensitive information you may have on your platform. Fear not! Drupal - an open-source content management system - and Machine Learning are extremely secure.

Your platform can automatically scan itself for any vulnerabilities and fix or notify the administrator about them, saving you money because you don't have to depend on external and pricey software. Also, it scans the site structure, searching for unused files and assets. It is up to the administrator to decide if it automatically deletes the files or if they are deleted after manual approval for each file. Your free space is always optimized.


How I wish this existed in my college years! I bet most of the frustration I experienced would be totally different now. I guess it is never too late to take a couple of special courses to reinforce my education provided that their platform offers all of this!


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits, and this is only a small briefing of the many possibilities you can take advantage of. At Awkbit, we love to find solutions for any idea you may have to offer a high-end platform suitable for your university. Why don't you contact us to take your website to the next level?



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