Ansible Automation: an integrated solution for IT

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is a solution for enterprise automation with solid and comprehensive performance.

Cynthia Ladaga
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Ansible is an open-source platform used to automate cloud provisioning, configuration management and application implementation. But before getting down to it, why automation? By completing tasks with little or no human interaction at all, many industries have adopted automation to leverage technology and streamline their processes.


The IT sector in particular uses automation to improve efficiency, reliability, and speed through testing, deployment and delivery of new software features as part of the CI/CD practice.


As a result of adopting a CI/CD platform that integrates and deploys code, you will be prepared to face the ever-evolving tech demands, save significant time and boost profits.

Unbeatable features

Ansible Automation is a state-of-the-art solution. If you want to make your DevOps team’s life easier and manage work effectively and neatly, Ansible is the way to go.


Red Hat Ansible Automation platform is enterprise-ready and has a set of resources that are too good to pass up. Let’s take a look:


Ansible Engine gets the best of both worlds: community and enterprise. A tremendous effort made by a large global community combined with Red Hat’s significant contribution of reliance and resources.


Ansible Tower ensures easy integration with the tools you already use. It is a sort of “control center” for the entire IT environment: it contains a dashboard, access control procedure based on roles, task and job scheduling, and an alerts and notifications system.


With Analytics, check out how your automation is running in your own infrastructure. You can receive statistics and notifications easily on a visual dashboard.


Automation Hub is a new service that takes content management to the next level. You can download and use Ansible content collections in your existing infrastructure.

Capitalizing on automation

Awkbit chooses Ansible Automation to serve DevOps and CI/CD practices. The service provided for DevOps focuses on automating the server's configuration with the Ansible tool, cutting down on time dedicated to the maintenance and operational tasks. As part of the CI/CD methodologies, Ansible enables to automate code building, inspection and deployment, reducing the duration of the software development cycle and delivering a high-quality solution.


This product has been chosen by more than 1,500 brands all over the world as the number one enterprise automation platform supported by a huge and renowned global community of developers and contributors.

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